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Dmitry Pashko
During the course we got acquainted with the basics of interaction and work with the heart. Through it we learned the healing techniques, tested them right there and were able to verify the results with the feedback. This really helps to make sure of our influence.
Vlad Andrianov
Almost everything I knew and thought of myself broke up against the rocks of eternity. It's very much like a jump over the abyss, knowing that you won't reach the other side.
There are, of course, spheres where mysticism can't be even explained. Where a mystery remains a mystery, and the intensity of the atmosphere changes everyone who touches it. Where there is nothing personal, only the voice of silence moves you.
Tatjana Neumann
The reality has exceeded all expectations. Doubts have disappeared, people have opened from the fair side, our inner force has awoken, and metamorphoses and miracles have begun to occur.
Natalie Kriukova
Thank you for opening the world of the mountains in the Raevsky School. This is a different dimension. I was practically disassembled to atoms and assembled to a new being. Something struck me to the depths of my soul in the mountains, and it is unraveling gradually with each new day.
Larissa Shishkina
My name is Larissa Shishkina, I live in Munich, Germany. I work in the food industry (bio-ecological products). As a mother of two children I always take care of them. How to protect them, how to educate correctly, how to make them happy, and teach them to live in a difficult future. The state of the Earth and people is already frightening, but what will happen next? We all know this, but we do not change ourselves. With the coming of Dmitry Rayevsky in our life, I exhaled. Dmitry and the people he has already taught carry a special ethical attitude toward life. A lot of things have become clear. For example, how to listen to the heart, how to truly love and much, much more. Dmitry shows how it is, by his example. My husband and I noticed that now the "climate" within our family is changing for the better, the relations with the ones around us are getting better. Now life is changing faster, we have become more effective. We are asked: "what drug do you use, how did you do it, why do you get it, and it's so great with you?" The answer can be found together with the team of the Raevsky School.
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