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Hacıveliler Mahallesi Merkez Sokak No: 2
07350 Kumluca / Antalya, Turkey
The latest treatment for cancer and other diseases
In addition to the main areas of treatment, we offer a unique method of treatment and prevention of cancer. It offers several options for cooperation. We also work with insurance companies.
Vasiliy Rotov
Leading Specialist
Vasily has 17 years of practice in group and individual psychotherapy, about 5,000 patients have passed through him. He successfully applies and continues to improve methods of treating autoimmune, chronic and psychosomatic diseases, including those considered to be incurable today.

Education and work experience
Vasiliy Rotov
Leading Specialist

Tomsk, SSMU (Siberian State Medical University). Specialty "Medicine".

2002−2004, Moscow, RMAPO (Russian Medical Academy After Graduate Education). Residency in the field of "psychiatry", "psychotherapy".

2004−2007, Moscow, RMAPE, department of psychotherapy, graduate school.

2002−2014, Moscow, Center for Human Psychophysiology. Psychotherapist, group and individual psychotherapy. Direction: psychocorrection of overweight, psychosomatic diseases, a practical study of mental energy and its effect on the restoration of the body.

2008-present. Further training, practice and improvement of treatment methods for psychocorrections and psychosynthesis in the Health Resort Ray-D clinic.
Heart Synthesis Method
Vasiliy Rotov''s method combines the views of Eastern and Western medicine on treatment and human health. The basics of the Method are taken from several sources and combined into the practical System that even allows to treat cancer.

Tibet. Method of training the intelligence of the heart. Vasiliy learned this technology from a Tibetan teacher and doctor, being in Tibet.

The heart is being trained to impact on the disease and to strengthen the patient’s immunity, thus the heart becomes the healing tool. Also, the heart learns to treat various diseases and even specializes as well as doctors receive specialization after obtaining the General medical education.
Perfect medical equipment
Our laboratory, with a team of experts and experienced in this field, uses advanced technological devices, including round-the-clock service, including weekends.
An alternative cancer treatment. We start the decay of the tumor by immunity. Individual accompaniment until complete cure.
Magnetic resonance therapy
Radiology, X-ray, sound waves, magnetic resonance imaging methods, such as use for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
Childhood diseases
Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, psycho-speech development retardation and other disorders.
Caring for people
Medikum Private Clinic Filling the gap in a private hospital in Western Antalya (Turkey), it strives to meet the huge health needs with the help of its friendly and professional team.
Leading Specialists
We have a large staff of experienced doctors. More than 27 specialists in various fields.
Head of medical service
Dr. Atilla KARATAŞ
Chief Asst.
Prof. Dr. Hasan UÇMAK
Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology
Prof. Dr. Murat LEKİLİ
Our values
Honesty, Love, Collaboration, Open Communication, Patient and Staff Happiness, Courtesy, Excellence, Diversity Management, Passion, Rights, Continuous Improvement, Collaborative Management.
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Hacıveliler Mahallesi Merkez Sokak No:2
07350 Kumluca/Antalya

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