Eco hotel Оlympos Park

Health, nature, family holidays
Private rooms and apartments

Turkey, Kemer, Olympos
If you are tired of the bustle of cities
If you like to drive a car and are sure that you can cook for your family better than any restaurant
If you want to save on a hotel during your stay
Sober environment
If you value a non-alcoholic holiday
Large swimming pool
There's plenty of room for swimming. Here you can teach your child to swim and even arrange competitions!
Big company
Organized space for communication and recreation in one area, whether it is a large family or a group of like-minded people
Family events
Invite your friends to a picnic and organize a holiday for the soul. There is space for everyone!
Rest for the whole family, for health and wellness
Olympos Park hotel is specially designed for those who want to plan holidays by their own.

We invite travelers who are ready to move and cook by themselves.
We offer to rent not only the usual hotel rooms, but also self-catering apartments.

The apartment is a great option if you are traveling with children who often do not fit someone fixed meal schedule, as well as if you practice a specific nutrition. There is also a fresh bar on site, where guests can enjoy fresh juice.

The area of the village of Olympos differs from the usual Turkey in that there are almost no large hotels and noisy discos, and on the beach you can always find a secluded place to relax.

Fresh mountain air and coniferous forests allow you to forget that you are close to the world-famous resorts.
Unforgettable Turkey
Your holiday can be quite busy! This is a huge selection of excursions and entertainment, so everyone will find something for the sole. Olympic Park offers daily yoga classes in the fresh air and organizes departure to the beach by minibus 4 times a day, starting from 9:00.
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The Legendary Olympus
The Ancient Olympos is within walking distance. It is filled with history and ruins: walls, a colonnade, a temple, theatre and bath rooms, sarcophagi and tombs. The main temple occupies a special place in the outlines of the ancient city: perhaps this is where the athletes brought the Olympic flame…
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According to legend, a terrible fire-breathing monster – Chimera settled in the area of Olympos. This mythical beast had a lion's head, a goat's body and a snake's tail. Fearless hero Bellerophon managed to overcome the Chimera and put the monster inside the mountain. Since then, it is the only mountain in the world with a natural fire permanently burning on the slope.
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The fire of feat
In honor of Bellerophon's victory, the locals organized annual games. The winner was the athlete who first brought a burning torch from the Chimera to the temple of Zeus in Olympos. They say that an outstanding ruler and commander Alexander the Great was among those athletes.
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About the hotel

  • 2-bed room: bathroom and bedroom for 2 adults and 1 kid under 4 y.o.
  • 3-bed room: bathroom and bedroom for 3 adults.
  • Apartment with private entrance: kitchen-dining room and bedroom (maximum 4 persons).
  • Apartment for a large family: kitchen, dining room and two bedrooms (maximum 8 people).
    For kids
    We always welcome families with children and help parents to deal with any tasks. For the youngest guests will provide a cot, a children's chair, toys for the pool. For kids there is a sandpit and a Playground. We understand how important it is to occupy the child with something interesting, while adults communicate with each other.

    Mentors are ready to take children over 4 years old on daily children's programs (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). We conduct programs for different age groups, organize excursions, take children to the beach (with the consent of parents). In addition, together with the mentors, the children will go camping, learn how to set up tents and get acquainted with the flora and fauna of Mediterranean Turkey. Children's program from 4 to 12 years.
    Prices in Оlympos Park
    Price for room per day (in EUR)
    MAX. amount of guests
    2-bed room
    1 adult + 1 kid under 3 y.o.
    2-bed room
    2 adults + 1 kid under 3 y.o.
    3-bed room
    3 adults + 1 kid under 3 y.o.
    1-bedroom apartment
    4 adults + 1 kid under 3 y.o.
    2-bedroom apartment
    8 adults
    — Full Board — EUR 10 /day for adult and EUR 5 / day for child (half Board)
    — Program for kids full day, lunch included — EUR 30
    — Program for kids for half a day without lunch — EUR 15.

    10% discount for booking for 14+ days
    20% discount for booking for 28+ days
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