Country-hotel Route 66

Turkey, Kemer, Olympos
If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of cities and want to be closer to nature
If you want to make friends with interesting people who are also looking for freedom
If you like adventure, exploring something new and ready to experiment
If you want to save on summer vacation. And have an opportunity to come out of season
Country hotel, the Mediterranean Sea, forest and mountains
You like freedom, nature and unusual things?
Do you want to "clear your mind" from the hustle and bustle of the city? And just be yourself?
Then country hotel "Route 66" with a swimming pool and a home restaurant is for you.

Cozy wooden houses in a quiet place, among coniferous trees and mountains, here in a few minutes you can be on the beach of the warm and clear Mediterranean Sea. This place is called Olympos. Where the mountains with their gorges cut into the sea, and the spirit of Ancient Greece still lives among the beautiful ruins… this place is just a 20-minute walk from the hotel. Untouched by large hotel chains, the reserved area is carefully protected by the state. In this place people can go back to the history.

Such a holiday in Turkey is very rare and very different from the usual tours. There are many untouched historical places. One of our favorites is Chimera Lights — an eternal source of fire, flowing directly from the bowels of the Earth!
It is just a 20-minute drive away. In the gorge where Olympos is located, the revolt of Spartacus took place, and Alexander the Great (Macedonian) reigned. A small ancient state of Lycia was located in the same region. Olympos is surrounded by secrets and legends.

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Price for room per day (in EUR)
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2-bed room
1 adult + 1 kid under 3 y.o.
2-bed room
2 adults + 1 kid under 3 y.o.
3-bed room
3 adults + 1 kid under 3 y.o.
— Full Board — EUR 10 /day for adult and EUR 5 / day for child (half Board)
— Program for kids full day, lunch included — EUR 30
— Program for kids for half a day without lunch — EUR 15.

10% discount for booking for 14+ days
20% discount for booking for 28+ days
Services in hotel
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Good breakfast
Check in to the room as soon as it is ready
To be paid additionally
Lunch or dinner € 6
Transfer from/to the airport
Children program for kids 4-12 y.o. - € 30/day
Unscheduled cleaning of the room
Excursions to the local places of interest
Legendary Olympos
The ancient Olympos now is ruins filled with history: walls, colonnade, temple, theatre and bath rooms, sarcophagi and tombs. The main temple occupies a special place in the outlines of the ancient city: perhaps this is where the athletes brought the Olympic flame…

In fact, the birthplace of the Olympic games — mount Chimera — is just 7 km from the city.

In fact, the birthplace of the Olympic games — mount Chimera — is just 7 km from the city.

According to legend, a terrible fire-breathing monster — Chimera settled in the area of Olympos. This mythical beast had a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a snake’s tail. Fearless hero Bellerophon managed to overcome the Chimera and put the monster inside the mountain. Since then, it is the only mountain in the world with a natural fire permanently burning on the slope.

In honor of Bellerophon’s victory, the locals ran annual games. The winner was the athlete who was the first to bring a burning torch from the Chimera to the temple of Zeus in Olympos. They say that one of these athletes was an outstanding ruler and commander Alexander the great.

There is also the own Olympus — mount Tahtali, the highest on the Antalya coast (2,365 meters). A great view opens from its top — it makes believe that this mountain has been the abode of the gods.

The Lycian way connects the ancient cities of the region and passes through Olympos.

It’s an ideal starting point for excursions to Antalya with walks around the Old town Kaleici to the towns of Phaselis, Limyra, Arycanda, Antiphellos/Kas, Patara/Kalkan, Xanthos/Xanthus. And also to Letoona — the ancient sanctuary of the goddess Leto and her twin children Apollo and Artemis, and to the Church of St. Nicholas in the city of Demre.
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